The border wall is a physical representation of a nation’s fear. The fear comes not from what most of the citizenry will experience but from what most are told they could experience: terrorism, rape, death, drug addiction, violence, lost wages or jobs.

To combat the fear that most will only experience viscerally through political rhetoric, those that are opposed to that fear try to counter it through facts, art, photos, and thought.

The jaguar has been the symbol for what can be lost if the border wall is completed (there are already hundreds of miles of border wall and fencing) for over a decade. Unfortunately, so far, the jaguar’s rare presence in the U.S. hasn’t changed anyone’s mind in the United State’s government, particularly in the oval office. Hopefully that will change. But realistically I think the only way that border wall construction will be stopped by a jaguar is demonstrated in my doodle.

jag eating trump
Taking a bite out of…



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