One cannot wall off a depraved mad man. The events in Las Vegas have shown the country and the world that basic fact. I wonder if the terrorist had been of a darker skin tone – what would be the response of Trump and his administration? What would his dog whistle of fear sound like for this tragedy?

But the terrorist that killed 58 people and injured over 500 was an old, white dude. He looked like white America and so far their only reaction is to blow the dog whistle of the NRA. As they, their bots, and lobbyists start the same old, tired trend of claiming that their guns will be taken away by the liberals and their ownership restricted to the point of their guns becoming obsolete. Meanwhile, the gun manufacturers make money off that fear, the murder of innocents, and the act of terror perpetrated on U.S. soil. But don’t worry second amendment enthusiasts, the NRA works with Congress after every mass shooting attack on U.S. soil to weaken the gun laws even more. They got you covered. And don’t mind those bodies you will have to step over on the way to the Wal-Marts, gun shows and shops for the silencers you will soon be granted.

This country is fucked – no two ways about it. People will support weak gun laws and at the same time rail against those that choose to peacefully protest. We are an oxymoronic nation and that characteristic shines through all the “thoughts and prayers” every time there is a tragedy, terrorist attack, and/or controversy – real or contrived.

I wonder now how Trump is going to push his southern border wall theory – that a “big, beautiful” wall will keep out the bad guys – when the biggest, baddest, terror-inducing guy of modern times looks just like him?



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