The concept of the Ecology of Fear is a scientific one usually reserved for the relationship between predators and their prey. The best example comes from the relationship between elk and wolves in Yellowstone. The idea being that elk do not browse vegetative species to death because they do not have a chance to remain in one place for too long because of their awareness, and subsequent fear, of being attacked by wolves.

Fear, in humans, seems to be a mostly learned process as well. The ongoing fear over the southern border in the U.S. and the subsequent calls for a “big, beautiful wall,” being the most vocal and ignorant example in present day America.

Immigration across the southern border of the U.S. has been on a decline since the Great Recession. The drug supply will remain steady as long as Americans continue to consume them. If Americans should be fearful of anything it is others telling them what to fear – not because of actual experience and facts – but because of partisan and political abstractions (usually for some type of gain).

HERE is a video of what fear can kill.



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