The Elf & the Dictator

This week a woman claimed that while breastfeeding her child in an immigrant detention center in Texas her child was taken from her and she was handcuffed when she resisted the separation. A man detained by Immigration and Customs officials was separated from his family and as a result became distraught and combative to the … Continue reading The Elf & the Dictator


No More Faking It

  Link to article about Session's speech in AZ The United States has always been a cruel nation. It began with its "founding" on the blood soaked lands of indigenous peoples. Slavery then built this nation's wealth and prosperity over the centuries up to present day. There have been cruel policies enacted by various U.S. … Continue reading No More Faking It

The Ecology of Fear

The concept of the Ecology of Fear is a scientific one usually reserved for the relationship between predators and their prey. The best example comes from the relationship between elk and wolves in Yellowstone. The idea being that elk do not browse vegetative species to death because they do not have a chance to remain … Continue reading The Ecology of Fear

Story Time

The Inside Out Project is bringing an opportunity nationwide for all of us to share our immigrant stories. Follow the link to find out when and where.