Story Time

The Inside Out Project is bringing an opportunity nationwide for all of us to share our immigrant stories. Follow the link to find out when and where.


Life is short, so let’s get to it…

The border wall is stupid, ineffective, cruel, and devastating to the environment, animal, and human communities. The border wall is a divisive and un-imaginative political ploy being played by an ignorant, xenophobic, non-empathetic man-child. If the wall is supposed to stop drugs then build it around U.S. pharmaceutical companies. If the wall is meant to … Continue reading Life is short, so let’s get to it…

Just Say No!

Highlights from an Arizona Daily Star article that encapsulates why the American citizenry should just say No! Trump is pushing the border wall for political reasons and to satisfy his base that constitutes less than 40% of the American population. Read the transcripts from his  conversation with Mexico's president HERE. 2. Border Patrol's union doesn't … Continue reading Just Say No!