Plata o Plomo?

Silver or lead is a question usually asked by drug cartel jefes (aka bosses). But I would like to apply the metaphor to the U.S. government. Plata or silver represents the money each detained immigrant is worth to the private prison complex in the U.S. According to THIS article in Mother Jones, 65% of ICE … Continue reading Plata o Plomo?


So how does this wall work?

In 2001 I began teaching myself how to recognize mountain lion sign and how to document their presence. My cat education took place south of Tucson, AZ mostly on the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge where I was an intern. The first lion I tracked had a portion of his territory in a roughly north-south … Continue reading So how does this wall work?

The violence we create

As heroin ravages the U.S. most people don't consider the source of the drug, poppies. The New York Times just published a story about the Mexican supply of the American demand for heroin and it can be accessed HERE. #NoWall  

Rape Tree

Not far from this lone mesquite tree and family shrine south of the U.S./MX border I found another mesquite where women's underwear hung from the branches. The vulgar sight was evidence of the violence committed on a daily basis against women and children making the dangerous journey to the U.S. in search of a better … Continue reading Rape Tree

Wall Art

The NY Times recently published a great list of short documentaries & films that address the concerns of borders and the physical and mental structures that governments use to emphasize and/or legitimize them. For a satirical view check out THIS one. For a heart-string puller THIS one. And for the wildlife and wild land emphasis … Continue reading Wall Art

Border Art

Art connects us, educates us, and gives us a glimpse into other lives, communities, and worlds. From the Tucson Weekly From the Northern Jaguar Project: Friday, May 12th, 6-9 p.m. U.S.-Mexico Border Wall, Douglas, AZ and Agua Prieta, SON with artist Lauren Strohacker, Border Arts Corridor (Douglas), Casa de la Cultura (Agua Prieta), Conciencia y … Continue reading Border Art