Cacti and other native plants are stationary. They cannot move out of the way of feet, bulldozers, trucks, or shovels. In addition, all the human activity associated with building the border wall disturbs the soil in which the plants live, even alters it. How are the plants' pollinators affected? What about the water flow to … Continue reading Stationary

Ecosystems v. Border Infrastructure

Land, water, native vegetation, clean air, biological diversity, community, restoration, intact ecosystems, conservation.   VS. Compacted soils, water run-off, habitat degradation and fragmentation, loss of species diversity, community displacement, fear. Here is a great article about when the two worlds collide.

Birds & Borders

So how does the border wall and all that comes with it: patrols, maintenance, vehicles, people, air, water, and noise pollution, habitat degradation, and stadium lighting affect birds? Research is still ongoing but there are some conclusions,"[w]hile birds may seem to have an easier time going over the fence, research has shown that many forest … Continue reading Birds & Borders